Network Type  <net_type> 

Indicates the type of network being utilized (ITU/ANSI/JAPAN)








HLR Node Configuration <hlr> hlrType
SGSN Node Configuration <sgsn> sgsnType
HSS Node Configuration <hss> hssType
MME Node Configuration <mme> mmeType
EIR Node Configuration <eir> eirType
VLR/MSC Node Configuration <vlr> vlrType
BBERF Node Configuration <bberf> bberfType
PCEF Node Configuration <pcef> pcefType
TDF Node Configuration <tdf> tdfType
PCRF Node Configuration <pcrf> pcrfType
OCS Node Configuration <ocs> ocsType
OFCS Node Configuration <ofcs> ofcsType
CDF Node Configuration <cdf> cdfType
CTF Node Configuration <ctf> ctfType
GGSN Node Configuration <ggsn> ggsnType
GMSC Node Configuration <gmsc> gmscType
GMLC Node Configuration <gmlc> gmlcType
Diameter Agent Node Configuration <agent> agentType
gsmSCF Node Configuration <gsmSCF> gsmSCFType
CSCF Node Configuration <cscf> cscfType
AAA Node Configuration <aaa> aaaType
AS Node Configuration <as> asType
AGW Node Configuration <agw> agwType
EPDG Node Configuration <epdg> epdgType
Security Gateway Configurations <secGateway> secGatewayType
GTP Node Configuration <gtpNode> gtpNodeType
SMLC Node Configuration <smlc> smlcType
E-NodeB Node Configuration <enb> enbType
Radio Network Controller Node Configuration <rnc> rncType
DHCP Relay Agent Configuration <dhcpRelayAgent> dhcpRelayAgentType
DHCP Server Configuration <dhcpServer> dhcpServerType
SmartWeb Node Configuration <smartWeb> smartWebType
SGW Node Configuration <sgw> sgwType
PGW Node Configuration <pgw> pgwType
IP Server/Host Configurations <ipServer> ipServerType
Standalone IP Client <ipClient> ipClientType
HTTP Server/Host Configurations <httpServer> httpServerType
MBMS Gateway Node Configuration <mbmsGw> mbmsGwType
MTC IWF Node Configuration <mtciwf> mtcIwfType
SCS Node Configuration <scs> scsType
SIP Server/Host Configurations <sipServer> sipServerType
SCEF Node Configuration <scef> scefType
DNS Server/Host Configurations <dnsServer> dnsServerType
PFDF Node Configuration <pfdf> pfdfType
ESME Node Configuration <esme> esmeType
SMF Node Configuration <smf> smfType
UPF Node Configuration <upf> upfType
gNodeB Node Configuration <gnb> gnbType
AMF Node Configuration <amf> amfType
N3IWF Node Configuration <n3iwf> n3iwfType
AUSF Node Configuration <ausf> ausfType
PCF Node Configuration <pcf> pcfType
CHF Node Configuration <chf> chfType
LMF Node Configuration <lmf> lmfType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Configuration <bmsc> bmscType
SMSF Node Configuration <smsf> smsfType
NSSF Node Configuration <nssf> nssfType
UDR Node Configuration <udr> udrType
CBCF Node Configuration <cbcf> cbcfType
NEF Node Configuration <nef> nefType
NWDAF Node Configuration <nwdaf> nwdafType
AF Node Configuration <af> afType
Binding Support Function Node Configuration <bsf> bsfType
SPR Node Response <spr> sprResponseType
NRF Node Response <nrf> nrfResponseType
HLR Node Response <hlr> hlrResponseType
SGSN Node Response <sgsn> sgsnResponseType
HSS Node Response <hss> hssResponseType
MME Node Response <mme> mmeResponseType
EIR Node Response <eir> eirResponseType
VLR/MSC Node Response <vlr> vlrResponseType
BBERF Node Response <bberf> bberfResponseType
PCEF Node Response <pcef> pcefResponseType
TDF Node Response <tdf> tdfResponseType
PCRF Node Response <pcrf> pcrfResponseType
OCS Node Response <ocs> ocsResponseType
OFCS Node Response <ofcs> ofcsResponseType
CDF Node Response <cdf> cdfResponseType
CTF Node Response <ctf> ctfResponseType
GGSN Node Response <ggsn> ggsnResponseType
GMSC Node Response <gmsc> gmscResponseType
GMLC Node Response <gmlc> gmlcResponseType
Diameter Agent Node Response <agent> agentResponseType
gsmSCF Node Response <gsmSCF> gsmSCFResponseType
CSCF Node Response <cscf> cscfResponseType
AAA Node Response <aaa> aaaResponseType
AS Node Response <as> asResponseType
AGW Node Response <agw> agwResponseType
EPDG Node Response <epdg> epdgResponseType
GTP Node Response <gtpNode> gtpNodeResponseType
SMLC Node Response <smlc> smlcResponseType
E-NodeB Node Response <enb> enbResponseType
Radio Network Controller Node Response <rnc> rncResponseType
DHCP Relay Agent Response <dhcpRelayAgent> dhcpRelayAgentResponseType
DHCP Server Response <dhcpServer> dhcpServerResponseType
SmartWeb Node Response <smartWeb> smartWebResponseType
SGW Node Response <sgw> sgwResponseType
PGW Node Response <pgw> pgwResponseType
Ud/Sp/Next Generation Client Node Response <udcClient> UdcClientResponseType
IP Server/Host Response <ipServer> ipServerResponseType
Standalone IP Client Response <ipClient> ipClientResponseType
HTTP Server/Host Response <httpServer> httpServerResponseType
MBMS GW Node Response <mbmsGw> mbmsGwResponseType
MTC IWF Node Response <mtciwf> mtcIwfResponseType
SCS Node Response <scs> scsResponseType
SIP Server/Host Response <sipServer> sipServerResponseType
SCEF Node Response <scef> scefResponseType
DNS Server/Host Response <dnsServer> dnsServerResponseType
PFDF Node Response <pfdf> pfdfResponseType
ESME Node Response <esme> esmeResponseType
SMF Response <smf> smfResponseType
UPF Response <upf> upfResponseType
gNodeB Node Response <gnb> gnbResponseType
AMF Node Response <amf> amfResponseType
N3IWF Node Response <n3iwf> n3iwfResponseType
AUSF Node Response <ausf> ausfResponseType
PCF Node Response <pcf> pcfResponseType
CHF Node Response <chf> chfResponseType
LMF Node Response <lmf> lmfResponseType
Security Gateway Response <secGateway> secGatewayResponseType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Response <bmsc> bmscResponseType
SMSF Node Response <smsf> smsfResponseType
NSSF Node Response <nssf> nssfResponseType
UDR Node Response <udr> udrResponseType
CBCF Node Response <cbcf> cbcfResponseType
NEF Node Response <nef> nefResponseType
NWDAF Node Response <nwdaf> nwdafResponseType
AF Node Response <af> afResponseType
Binding Support Function Node Response <bsf> bsfResponseType