New Radio Cell ID  <ngap_cause> 

Target New Radio Cell ID.


control_processing_overload Misc - Control Processing Overload
not_enough_user_plane_processing_resources Misc - Not Enough User Plane Processing Resources
hardware_failure Misc - Hardware Failure
om_intervention Misc - OM Intervention
unknown_plmn Misc - Unknown PLMN
misc_unspecified Misc - Unspecified
normal_release NAS - Normal Relase
authentication_failure NAS - Authentication Failure
deregister NAS - Deregister
nas_unspecified NAS - Unspecified
transfer_syntax_error Protocol - Transfer Syntax Error
abstract_syntax_error_reject Protocol - Abstract Syntax Error Reject
abstract_syntax_error_ignore_and_notify Protocol - Abstract Syntax Error Ignore and Notify
message_not_compatible_with_receiver_state Protocol - Message not Compatible With Reciver State
semantic_error Protocl - Semantic Error
abstract_syntax_error_falsely_constructed_message Protocol - Abstract Syntax Error Falsely Constructed Message
protocol_unspecified Protocol - Unspecified
radio_network_unspecified Radio Network - Unspecified
txnrelocoverall_expiry Radio Network - txnrelocoverall Expiry
successful_handover Radio Network - Successful Handover
release_due_to_ngran_generated_reason Radio Network - Release Due to NGRAN Generated Reason
release_due_to_5gc_generated_reason Radio Network - Release Due to 5GC Generate Reason
handover_cancelled Radio Network - Handover Cancelled
partial_handover Radio Network - Partial Handover
ho_failure_in_target_5gc_ngran_node_or_target_system Radio Network - HO Failure in Traget 5GC NGRAN Node or Target System
ho_target_not_allowed Radio Network - HO Target No Allowed
tngrelocoverall_expiry Radio Network - tngrelocoverall Expiry
tngrelocprep_expiry Radio Network - tngrelocprep Expiry
cell_not_available Radio Network - Cell Not Available
unknown_targetID Radio Network - Unknown TargetID
no_radio_resources_available_in_target_cell Radio Network - No Radio Resources Available in Target Cell
unknown_local_ue_ngap_id Radio Network - Unknown Local UE NGAP ID
inconsistent_remote_ue_ngap_id Radio Network - Inconsistent Remote UE NGAP ID
handover_desirable_for_radio_reason Radio Network - Handover Desirable for Radio Reason
time_critical_handover Radio Network - Time Critical Handover
resource_optimisation_handover Radio Network - Resource Optimisation Handover
reduce_load_in_serving_cell Radio Network - Reduce Load in Serving Cell
user_inactivity Radio Network - User Inactivity
radio_connection_with_ue_lost Radio Network - Radio Connection With UE Lost
load_balancing_tau_required Radio Network - Load Balancing TAU Required
radio_resources_not_available Radio Network - Radio Resources Not Available
invalid_qos_combination Radio Network - Invalid QoS Combination
failure_in_radio_interface_procedure Radio Network - Failure in Radio Interface Procedure
interaction_with_other_procedure Radio Network - Interaction With Other Procedure
radio_network_unknown_pdu_session_id Radio Network - Unknown PDU Session ID
unkown_qos_flow_id Radio Network - Unknown QoS Flow Id
radio_network_multiple_pdu_session_id_instances Radio Network - Multiple PDU Session Id Instances
multiple_qos_flow_id_instances Radio Network - Multiple QoS Flow Id Instances
encryption_and_or_integrity_protection_algorithms_not_supported Radio Network - Encryption and/or Integrity Protection Algorithms Not Supported
ng_intra_system_handover_triggered Radio Network - NG Intra System Handover Triggered
ng_inter_system_handover_triggered Radio Network - NG Inter System Handover Triggered
xn_handover_triggered Radio Network - XN Handover Triggered
not_supported_5qi_value Radio Network - Not Supported 5QI Value
ue_context_transfer Radio Network - UE Context Transfer
ims_voice_eps_fallback_or_rat_fallback_triggered Radio Network - IMS Voice EPS Fallback or RAT Fallback Triggered
up_integrity_protection_not_possible Radio Network - UP Integrity Protection not Possible
up_confidentiality_protection_not_possible Radio Network - UP Confidentiality Protection Not Possible
slice_not_supported Radio Network - Slice Not Supported
ue_in_rrc_inactive_state_not_reachable Radio Network - UE In RRC Inative State Not Reached
redirection Radio Network - Redirection
resources_not_available_for_the_slice Radio Network - Resources Not Available for the Slice
ue_max_integrity_protected_data_rate_reason Radio Network - UE Max Integirty Protected Data Rate Reason
release_due_to_cn_detected_mobility Radio Network - Release Due to CN Detected Mobility
n26_interface_not_available Radio Network - N26 Interface Not Available
release_due_to_pre_emption Radio Network - Release Due to Pre-Emption
multiple_location_reporting_reference_id_instances Radio Network - Multiple Location Reporting Reference Id Instances
rsn_not_available_for_the_up Radio Network - RSN Not Available for the UP
npn_access_denied Radio Network - NPN Access Denied
cag_only_access_denied Radio Network - CAP Only Access Denied
transport_resource_unavailable Transport - Transport Resource Unavailable
transport_network_unspecified Transport - Network Unspecified




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