Transaction Count  <count> 

Defines the maximum number of simultaneously active transactions for this application
Allows a simple formula, which a token, with an optional operation AND another token. A token is a uint32Type OR a @variableName. Supports operations are +(add), -(substract), *(multiply), and /(divide). Expressions involving a variable must contain a space between the operands and operator. For example: @subCount + 10




((@[a-zA-Z]{1}[a-zA-Z0-9_]{0,23})|0x[0-9a-fA-F]{1,8}|([0-9]{1,9}|[0-3][0-9]{9}|4[0-1][0-9]{8}|42[0-8][0-9]{7}|429[0-3][0-9]{6}|4294[0-8][0-9]{5}|42949[0-5][0-9]{4}|429496[0-6][0-9]{3}|4294967[0-1][0-9]{2}|42949672[0-8][0-9]|429496729[0-5]))([ ]+[+\-*/]{1}[




Smart Flow REST Application <rest> RestServerAppType
Nudm_SDM <nudm_sdm> Rest5GAppType
Nudm_UECM <nudm_uecm> Rest5GAppType
Nudm_UEAU <nudm_ueau> Rest5GAppType
Udm Event Exposure <nudm_event_exposure> UdmEventExpRest5GAppType
Namf Event Exposure <namf_event_exposure> NamfEventExpRest5GAppType
Nnrf_NFM Client <nnrf_nfm> NrfAppType
Nnrf_NFM <nnrf_nfm> NrfAppType
Nnrf_DISC <nnrf_disc> NrfAppType
Gn Application <gn> gnType
S3 Application <s3> s3Type
Sv Application <sv> svType
S4 Application <s4> s4Type
S11 Application <s11> s11Type
Sm Application <sm> smType
N26 Application <n26> n26Type
N5g_eir Client <n5g_eir> Rest5GAppType
Nchf Converged Charging <nchf_convergedcharging> Rest5GAppType
Namf Location <namf_location> Rest5GAppType
Ngmlc Location <ngmlc_location> Rest5GAppType
Terminal Status Rest Application <rest_terminalStatus> RESTfulApiType
Messaging REST Application <rest_messaging> REST_MessagingType
Presence REST Application <rest_presence> REST_PresenceType
S2a Application <s2a> s5SgwType
S2b Application <s2b> s5SgwType
SGW S5 Application <s5> s5SgwType
S5 PGW Application <s5> s5PgwType
Gn Application <gn> gnPgwType
S2a Application <s2a> s5PgwType
S2b Application <s2b> s5PgwType
RESTful Application <rest> RestAppType
Nu REST Application <nu> REST_NuType
Nsmf PDU Session <nsmf_pdu_session> NsmfPduSessionRest5GAppType
Namf Communication Service <namf_comm> Rest5GAppType
Nudm SDM <nudm_sdm> Rest5GAppType
Npcf SM Policy Control <npcf_sm_policy_control> Rest5GAppType
Nausf Auth <nausf_auth> Rest5GAppType
Nudm UECM <nudm_uecm> Rest5GAppType
Namf Communication Service <namf_comm> NamfCommRest5GAppType
Nlmf Location <nlmf_location> Rest5GAppType
Nsmsf SM Service <nsmsf_sm_service> Rest5GAppType
Namf MT Service <namf_mt> Rest5GAppType
Nssf NS Selection Service <nnssf_ns_selection> Rest5GAppType
Nssf NSSAI Availability Service <nnssf_nssai_availability> Rest5GAppType
Npcf-AM-Policy-Control <npcf_am_policy_control> Rest5GAppType
Npcf-UE-Policy-Control <npcf_ue_policy_control> Rest5GAppType
Namf Location <namf_location> Rest5GAppType
Ngmlc Location <ngmlc_location> Rest5GAppType
Nudm UEAU <nudm_ueau> Rest5GAppType
Npcf-SM-Policy-Control <npcf_sm_policy_control> Rest5GAppType
Npcf-BDT-Policy-Control <npcf_bdt_policy_control> PcfBdtpcRest5GAppType
Npcf-Policy-Authorization <npcf_policyauthorization> PcfPaRest5GAppType
Nchf Spending Limit Control <nchf_spendinglimitcontrol> Rest5GAppType
Nudr Data Repository <nudr_dr> Rest5GAppType
Nlmf Location <nlmf_location> Rest5GAppType
Nssf NS Selection Service <nnssf_ns_selection> NSSFRest5GAppType
Nef Event Exposure <nnef_event_exposure> NefEventExpRest5GAppType