Presence  <presence> 

Specifies the presence requirement for an element or value within a received message.




required Indicates that this element is required to be present within this message. If a value is also configured, the incoming message must contain a matching value. Otherwise only the presence of the element is required.
optional Indicates that this element may or may not be present. If a value is also configured, the incoming value must also match the configured value.
prohibited Indicates that this element is prohibited from being present within this message. Nested elements are not assessed if the parent is prohibited.




Source IP Address <src_ip> IpAddressDynamicValueType
Destination IP Address <dst_ip> IpAddressDynamicValueType
HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> HttpDataType
HTTP Header Field <http_field> HttpDataType
Http Auth Header Configuration <http_auth> HttpAuthType
XML Element Attribute <attribute> HttpDataType
HTTP Attribute <attribute> HttpDataType
HTTP Element <element> HttpDataType
XML Element Attribute <attribute> HttpDataType
JSON Simple Value <simple> JSONSimpleValueType
JSON String Value <string> JSONSimpleValueType
JSON Numeric Value <number> JSONSimpleValueType
HTTP Field <http_field> HttpDataType
HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> SoapDataType
HTTP Field <http_field> SoapDataType
Envelope XML Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Header Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Container Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Element <element> SoapDataType
SOAP Container <container> SoapContainerType
XML Element <element> SoapDataType
SOAP Header <Header> SoapHeaderType
XML Body Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Element <element> SoapDataType
SOAP Body <Body> SoapBodyType
XML Message Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
 <pt> FlagStaticValueType
 <e> FlagStaticValueType
 <s> FlagDynamicValueType
 <pn> FlagStaticValueType
 <msg_type> Uint8StaticValueType
 <msg_length> Uint16DynamicValueType
 <teid> Uint32DynamicValueType
Sequence Number <sqn> Uint16DynamicValueType
 <next_ext_header> HexStaticValueType
 <pdu_number> Uint16StaticValueType
Visited Public Land Mobile Network ID <plmn> gtpPlmnIdType
Selection Mode IE <selection_mode> gtpSelectionModeType
Trace Type IE <trace_type> gtpTraceTypeType
PDP Type Organization <pdp_type_org> gtpPdpTypeOrgType
PDP Type Number <pdp_type_num> gtpPdpTypeNumberType
IP Address <pdp_address> IpAddressDynamicValueType
End User Address IE <end_user_addr> gtpEndUserAddressType
Protocol ID <protocol_id> gtpProtocolIdType
Protocol Contents <protocol_contents> HexStaticValueType
Container ID <container_id> Uint16StaticValueType
Data <data> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
IP Address <control_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
IP Address <user_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
Allocation/Retention Priority <ar_priority> gtpArPriorityType
Reliability Class <reliability_class> Uint3StaticValueType
Delay Class <delay_class> Uint3StaticValueType
Precedence Class <precedence_class> Uint3StaticValueType
Peak Throughput <peak_throughput> Uint4StaticValueType
Mean Throughput <mean_throughput> Uint5StaticValueType
Delivery of Erroneous SDUs <erroneous_sdu> Uint3StaticValueType
Delivery Order <delivery_order> Uint3StaticValueType
Traffic Class <traffic_class> Uint3StaticValueType
Maximum SDU Size <max_sdu_size> Uint8StaticValueType
Maximum Bit Rate - Uplink (R99) <max_bitrate_up> Uint8StaticValueType
Maximum Bit Rate - Downlink (R99) <max_bitrate_down> Uint8StaticValueType
SDU Error Ratio <sdu_error_ratio> Uint4StaticValueType
Residual Bit Error Rate <residual_ber> Uint4StaticValueType
Traffic Handling Priority <traffic_handling_priority> Uint2StaticValueType
Transfer Delay <transfer_delay> Uint6StaticValueType
Guaranteed Bit Rate - Uplink <guar_bitrate_up> Uint8StaticValueType
Guaranteed Bit Rate - Downlink <guar_bitrate_down> Uint8StaticValueType
Source Statistics Descriptor <source_stats_descr> Uint4StaticValueType
Signaling Indication <signaling_indication> FlagStaticValueType
Maximum Bit Rate (extended) - Downlink <max_bitrate_down_ext> Uint8StaticValueType
Guaranteed Bit Rate (extended) - Downlink <guar_bitrate_down_ext> Uint8StaticValueType
Maximum Bit Rate (extended) - Uplink <max_bitrate_up_ext> Uint8StaticValueType
Guaranteed Bit Rate (extended) - Uplink <guar_bitrate_up_ext> Uint8StaticValueType
TFT Operation Code <op_code> gtpTftOpCodeType
E Flag <e_bit> FlagStaticValueType
Number of Packet Filters <num_filters> Uint4StaticValueType
Packet Filter ID <id> Uint4StaticValueType
Packet Filter Evaluation Precedence <precedence> Uint8StaticValueType
Packet Filter Component Type <component_type> Uint8StaticValueType
Packet Filter Component Value <component_value> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Packet Filter Parameter ID <parameter_id> Uint8StaticValueType
Packet Filter Parameter Value <parameter_value> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Trigger ID IE <trigger_id> gtpTriggerIdType
Common Flags IE <common_flags> gtpCommonFlagsType
APN Restriction IE <apn_restriction> gtpApnRestrictionType
Time Zone <zone> Uint8StaticValueType
Daylight Saving Time <dst_adjustment> Uint8StaticValueType
IMEI <imei> gtpImeiType
Software Version <sv> gtpSvType
 <trace_ref2> Uint24DynamicValueType
Trace Recording Session Reference <recording_ref> Uint16StaticValueType
 <events> Uint8DynamicValueType
Trace Depth <depth> Uint8DynamicValueType
 <interfaces> Uint8DynamicValueType
Trace Activity Control <activity_control> Uint8StaticValueType
Correlation ID IE <correlation_id> gtpCorrelationIdType
Pre-emption Capability <pci> FlagDynamicValueType
Priority Level <priority_level> Uint4DynamicValueType
Pre-emption Vulnerability <pvi> FlagDynamicValueType
AMBR for Uplink <uplink_ambr> Uint32DynamicValueType
AMBR for Downlink <downlink_ambr> Uint32DynamicValueType
APN Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate (APN-AMBR) IE (198) <apn_ambr> gtpApnAmbrType
Signalling Priority Indication IE (203) <sig_priority_ind> gtpSignallingPriorityIndicationIe
 <enterprise_id> Uint16StaticValueType
 <cause> Uint8StaticValueType
Reordering Required IE <reordering_required> gtpReorderingRequiredType
MS Info Change Reporting Action IE <change_rpt_action> gtpChangeRptActionType
Bearer Control Mode IE <bearer_control_mode> gtpBearerControlModeType
CSG Information Reporting Action Type (195) <csg_info_reporting_action> gtpCsgInfoReportingActionType
Timer Unit <timer_unit> Uint8DynamicValueType
Timer Value <timer_value> Uint8DynamicValueType
Charging Gateway Address IE <charging_gw_addr> gtpChargingGwAddrType
Charging Gateway Address IE <alt_charging_gw_addr> gtpChargingGwAddrType
Direct Tunnel Flags IE <direct_tunnel_flags> gtpDirectTunnelFlagsType
Teardown Indicator IE <teardown> gtpTeardownIndicatorType
User Location Information Timestamp IE (214) <uli_timestamp> gtpTimestampType
MAP Cause IE <map_cause> gtpMapCauseType
MS Not Reachable Reason IE <not_reachable_reason> gtpNotReachableReasonType
IP Address <gsn_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
P-TMSI Signature IE <p_tmsi_sig> gtpPtmsiSignatureType
Hop Counter IE <hop_counter> gtpHopCounterType
Temporary Logical Link Identity (TLLI) IE <tlli> gtpTlliType
MS Validated IE <ms_validated> gtpMsValidatedType
Sequence Number <sqn> Uint16StaticValueType
Radio Priority SMS IE <radio_priority_sms> gtpRadioPrioritySmsType
 <priority> gtpPriorityType
 <flow_id> Uint8StaticValueType
Radio Priority LCS IE <radio_priority_lcs> gtpRadioPriorityLcsType
VAA Flag <vplmn_addr_allowed> FlagDynamicValueType
Activity Status Indicator <activity_status_indicator> FlagStaticValueType
Order Flag <order> FlagStaticValueType
SAPI <sapi> Uint4StaticValueType
PDP Context Identifier <context_id> Uint8DynamicValueType
Transaction Identifier <transaction_id> Uint12StaticValueType
PDP Context Prioritization IE <context_prioritization> gtpPdpContextPrioritizationType
Enhanced NSAPI <enhanced_nsapi> gtpEnhancedNsapiType
Transaction ID <transaction_id> Uint12StaticValueType
Signalling Priority Indication with NSAPI IE (204) <sig_priority_ind> gtpSignallingPriorityIndicationwNSAPIIe
IP Address <sgsn_user_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
RANAP Cause IE <ranap_cause> gtpRanapCause
 <utran_container> HexStaticValueType
Selected PLMN ID IE <selected_plmn_id> gtpSelectedPlmnIdType
BSS Container IE <bss_container> gtpBssContainerType
Source Type <source_type> Uint8StaticValueType
 <bssgp_cause> Uint8StaticValueType
 <sapi> Uint8DynamicValueType
XID Parameter Values <parameter_value> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
IP Address <rnc_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
 <pdcp_context_info> HexStaticValueType
GTP Custom IE <custom_ie> gtpCustomIeType
IP Address <sgsn_alt_sig_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
IP Address <sgsn_alt_user_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
GTP-U Payload <payload> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Triggered Request <triggered> FlagStaticValueType
Piggyback Flag <p> FlagStaticValueType
TEID Flag <t> FlagStaticValueType
Message Type <msg_type> Uint8StaticValueType
Message Length <msg_length> Uint16StaticValueType
Tunnel Endpoint Identifier (TEID) <teid> Uint32DynamicValueType
GTP Sequence Number <sqn> Uint24DynamicValueType
IMSI IE (1) <imsi> gtp2ImsiIe
MEI IE (75) <mei> gtp2MeiIe
TAC <tac> gtpTacType
Enhanced Cell ID <ecell_id> gtpECellIdType
User Location Information IE (86) <uli> gtp2UliIe
Indication IE (77) <indication> gtp2HexIe
 <interface_type> Uint6StaticValueType
TEID <teid> Uint32DynamicValueType
GRE Key <gre_key> Uint32StaticValueType
Endpoint IPv4 Address <v4_address> Ipv4AddressDynamicValueType
Endpoint IPv6 Address <v6_address> Ipv6AddressDynamicValueType
Fully Qualified TEID IE (87) <fteid> gtp2FteidIe
Selection Mode IE (128) <selection_mode> gtp2SelectionModeIe
PDN Type IE (99) <pdn_type> gtp2PdnTypeIe
PDN Type <type> gtp2PdnType
IP Address <address> IpAddressDynamicValueType
PDN Address Allocation IE (79) <pdn_addr_alloc> gtp2PdnAddrAllocIe
APN Restriction IE (127) <apn_restriction> gtp2ApnRestrictionIe
AMBR for Uplink <uplink_ambr> Uint32DynamicValueType
AMBR for Downlink <downlink_ambr> Uint32DynamicValueType
Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate (AMBR) IE (72) <ambr> gtp2AmbrIe
EPS Bearer ID IE (73) <linked_bearer_id> gtp2EpsBearerIdIe
 <protocol_id> Uint16StaticValueType
Parameter Data <data> HexStaticValueType
Protocol Configuration Options IE (78) <pco> gtp2ProtocolConfigOptionsIe
EPS Bearer ID IE (73) <bearer_id> gtp2EpsBearerIdIe
Cause Value <cause_value> Uint8StaticValueType
PDN Connection IE Error <pce> FlagStaticValueType
Bearer Context IE Error <bce> FlagStaticValueType
Cause Source <cs> FlagStaticValueType
Offending IE Type <offending_type> Uint8StaticValueType
Offending IE Instance <offending_instance> Uint4StaticValueType
Cause IE (2) <cause> gtp2CauseIe
QoS Class ID (QCI) <qci> Uint8DynamicValueType
Maximum Bit Rate - Uplink (kbps) <mbr_uplink> Uint32DynamicValueType
Maximum Bit Rate - Downlink (kbps) <mbr_downlink> Uint32DynamicValueType
Guaranteed Bit Rate - Uplink (kbps) <gbr_uplink> Uint32DynamicValueType
Guaranteed Bit Rate - Downlink (kbps) <gbr_downlink> Uint32DynamicValueType
Bearer Quality of Service (80) <bearer_qos> gtp2BearerQosIe
Charging ID IE (94) <bearer_chg_id> gtp2ChargingIdIe
Bearer Flags IE (97) <bearer_flags> gtp2BearerFlagsIe
Bearer Context to be Created/Deleted <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
Trace ID <trace_id> Uint24DynamicValueType
 <events> Hex96DynamicValueType
 <ne_list> Hex32DynamicValueType
 <interfaces> Hex96DynamicValueType
IP Address of Collection Entity <collection_addr> IpAddressDynamicValueType
Trace Information IE (96) <trace_info> gtp2TraceInfoIe
Recovery IE (3) <recovery> gtp2RecoveryIe
IP Address <address> IpAddressStaticValueType
Identifier <identifier> Uint32StaticValueType
PDN Connection Set Identifier <csid> Uint16StaticValueType
Fully Qualified Connection Set Identifier (FQ-CSID) (132) <fqcsid> gtp2FqCsidIe
Time Zone <zone> Uint8StaticValueType
Daylight Saving Time <dst_adjustment> Uint8StaticValueType
UE Time Zone IE (114) <time_zone> gtp2UeTimeZoneIe
Closed Subscriber Group ID <csg_id> Uint32StaticValueType
 <csg_flags> Uint8StaticValueType
User Closed Subscriber Group Information (UCI) IE (145) <user_csg_info> gtp2UserCsgInfoIe
LDN <ldn> gtp2LdnIe
Signalling Priority Indication IE (151) <sig_priority_ind> gtp2SignallingPriorityIndicationIe
Enterprise ID <enterprise_id> Uint16StaticValueType
Data <data> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Private Extension IE (255) <ext> gtp2PrivateExtIe
Change Reporting Action IE (131) <change_rpt_action> gtp2ChangeRptActionIe
CSG Information Reporting Action IE (146) <csgi_rpt_action> gtp2CsgInfoRptActionIe
Bearer Context Created/Deleted <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
Charging Gateway Name (FQDN) <fqdn> gtp2FqdnIe
Charging Gateway IP Address <ip_addr> gtp2IpAddressIe
Delay Downlink Packet Notification Request <delay_value> gtp2DelayValueIe
Bearer Context to be Modified/Deleted <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
Bearer Context Modified/Deleted <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
Originating Node <node_type> gtp2NodeTypeIe
User Location Information Timestamp IE (170) <uli_timestamp> gtp2UliTimestampIe
PGW S5/S8 GTP-C IP Address <ip_addr> gtp2IpAddressIe
Bearer Context IE (93) <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
Procedure Transaction ID IE (100) <pti> gtp2ProcedureTransactionIdIe
Flow Quality of Service (81) <flow_qos> gtp2FlowQosIe
Trace ID <trace_id> Uint24DynamicValueType
Trace Reference IE (115) <trace_reference> gtp2TraceReferenceIe
Bearer Context Created <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
Failed Context to be Created <bearer_context> gtp2BearerContextIe
HSGW Forwarding Address <address> IpAddressStaticValueType
EPS Bearer ID <bearer_id> Uint4DynamicValueType
S103 PDN Data Forwarding Info IE (90) <s103_pdf_info> gtp2S103PdfIe
SGW S1-U Address <address> IpAddressDynamicValueType
SGW S1-U TEID <teid> Uint32DynamicValueType
S1-U Data Forwarding IE (91) <s1u_df_info> gtp2S1uDataForwardingIe
Packet TMSI (P-TMSI) IE (111) <ptmsi> gtp2PtmsiIe
Radio Access Bearer (RAB) <bearer_id> gtp2EpsBearerIdIe
Data Notification Delay <delay_value> gtp2DelayValueIe
Sv Flags IE (60) <sv_flags> gtp2SvFlagsIe
IP Address IE (74) <control_addr> gtp2IpAddressIe
MM Context for EUTRAN SRVCC IE (54) <mm_eutran> gtp2MMContextForEUtranIe
MM Context for UTRAN SRVCC IE (55) <mm_utran> gtp2MMContextForUtranIe
Source to Target Transparent Container IE (52) <st_trans_container> gtp2SourceTargetContainerIe
SRVCC Cause IE (56) <srvcc_cause> gtp2SRVCCCauseIe
Target to Source Transparent Container IE (53) <ts_trans_container> gtp2TargetSourceContainerIe
Session ID IE (1) <session_id> gtp2ImsiIe
Session ID2 IE (11) <session_id2> gtpImeiType
HRPD Sector ID (4) <hrpd_sector_id> gtp2HRPDSectorIdIe
IP Address <pdn_gw_ip_address> IpAddressDynamicValueType
 <pdn_gre_key> Uint32StaticValueType
PDN GW PMIP GRE Tunnel Info IE (7) <pdn_gw_pmip_gre_tunnel_info> gtp2PDNGWPMIPGREtunnelinfoTpye
 <hsgw_gre_key> Uint32StaticValueType
S103 GRE Tunnel Info IE (8) <s103_gre_tunnel_info> gtp2s103gretunnelinfo
S103 HSGW IP Address IE (9) <s103_hsgw_ip_address> IpAddressStaticValueType
Delay Value IE (92) <handover_indicator> gtp2HandOverIe
Unathenticated IMSI IE (12) <unauthenticated_imsi> gtp2unathImsiIe
Private Extension IE (255) <private_extension> gtp2PrivateExtIe
IMSI IE (1) <session_id> gtp2ImsiIe
IMEI <session_id2> gtpImeiType
IP Address IE (74) <ip_addr> gtp2IpAddressIe
Delay Value IE (92) <delay_value> gtp2DelayValueIe
Node Type IE (135) <node_type> gtp2NodeTypeIe
Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) IE (136) <fqdn> gtp2FqdnIe
Local Distinguished Name (LDN) IE (151) <ldn> gtp2LdnIe
Custom IE <custom_ie> gtp2CustomIe
5GS Registration Type <registration_type> FiveGmmRegistrationTypeIe
5G Key Set Identifier <ng_ksi> NgKsiIe
5GS Registration Result <registration_result> FiveGmmRegistrationResultIe
Integrity Protection Maximum Data Rate IE <integrity_protection_max_data_rate> FiveGsmIntegrityProtectionMaxDataRateIe
PDU Session Type <pdu_session_type> FiveGsmPduSessionTypeIe
SSC Mode <ssc_mode> FiveGsmSscModeIe
5GS Capability <capability> FiveGsmCapabilityIe
Maximum Number of Packet Filters <max_number_packet_filters> FiveGsmMaxNumberPacketFiltersIe
Packet Filters <packet_filter> FiveGsmPacketFilterIe
QoS Rule <qos_rule> FiveGsmQosRuleIe
Session AMBR <session_ambr> FiveGsmSessionAmbrIe
Cause <cause> FiveGsmCauseIe
IPv4 Address <v4_address> IpAddressStaticValueType
IPv6 Address <v6_address> IpAddressStaticValueType
PDU Address <pdu_address> FiveGsmPduAddressIe
GPRS Timer IE <rq_timer> GprsTimerIe
SST <sst> Uint32StaticValueType
SD <sd> Uint8StaticValueType
Mapped SST <mapped_sst> Uint32StaticValueType
Mapped SD <mapped_sd> Uint8StaticValueType
S-NSSAI IE <s_nssai> SNssaiIe
Pfcp Msg Header/IE 8 bit data <flags> pfcpIeUint8Type
Pfcp Msg Header/IE 8 bit data <msg_type> pfcpIeUint8Type
Pfcp Msg Header/IE 16 bit data <msg_length> pfcpIeUint16Type
Pfcp Msg Header/IE 64 bit data <seid> pfcpIeUint64Type
Pfcp Msg Header/IE 32 bit data <sqn> pfcpIeUint32Type
PFCP IE Modification <ie> pfcpIeValidationType
Pfcp Msg Header/IE 8 bit data <cause> pfcpIeUint8Type
Pfcp Msg Ip Addr Type <ipaddr> pfcpIeIpAddrType
Pfcp F_SEID IE Type <f_seid> pfcpIefseidType
Match All <match_all> Uint8StaticValueType
OS Id/App Id <os_id_app_id> Uint8StaticValueType
IPv4 Remote Address <ipv4_remote_address> IpAddressStaticValueType
IPv6 Remote Address/Prefix <ipv6_remote_address_prefix> IpAddressStaticValueType
Protocol Identifier/Next Header <protocol_identifier_next_header> Uint8StaticValueType
Remote Port Range <remote_port_range> RemotePortRangeTypeIe
SPI <spi> Uint32StaticValueType
TOS <tos> TosTypeIe
Flow Label <flow_label> Uint32StaticValueType
Destination MAC Address <dest_mac_addr> HexStaticValueType
DNN <dnn> TextStaticValueType
Connection Capablities <connection_capabilities> HexStaticValueType
Destination FQDN <dest_fqdn> TextStaticValueType
Regular Expression <regular_expression> HexStaticValueType
Traffic Descriptors <traffic_descriptors> UePolicyTrafficDescriptorsTypeIe
Precedence <precedence> Uint8StaticValueType
SSC Mode <ssc_mode> FiveGsmSscModeIe
S-NSSAI <s_nssai> SNssaiIe
S-NSSAI <dnn> TextStaticValueType
PDU Session Type <pdu_session_type> FiveGsmPduSessionTypeIe
PDU Session Type <preferred_access_type> PreferredAccessTypeIe
Hex Value <value> HexStaticValueType
Extended Cell ID <eci> ValueTypeIe
NR Cell ID <nr_cell_id> ValueTypeIe
Global RAN ID <global_ran_id> ValueTypeIe
Tracking Area Identity <tai> ValueTypeIe
Location Areas <location_areas> LocationAreasTypeIe
Time Winodow <time_window> HexStaticValueType
Precedence <route_selection_descriptor> UePolicyRouteSelectionDescriptorTypeIe
Traffic Descriptors <route_selection_descriptors> UePolicyRouteSelectionDescriptorsTypeIe
URSP <ursp> UePolicyUrspTypeIe
ANDSP <andsp> UePolicyAndspTypeIe
V2XP <v2xp> UePolicyV2xpTypeIe
MCC <ue_policy_part> UePolicyPartTypeIe
Instruction <instruction> UePolicyInstructionTypeIe
Section Management Sublist <section_management_sublist> UePolicySectionManagementSublistTypeIe
Data <data> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Enterprise ID <enterprise_id> Uint16StaticValueType
Preemption Capability <pci> gtpPreemptCapType
Allocation/Retention Priority <priority_level> gtpArPriorityType
Preemption Vulnerability <pvi> gtpPreemptVulType
Enterprise ID <enterprise_id> Uint16StaticValueType
Time Zone <zone> Uint8StaticValueType
PDN Connection Set Identifier <csid> Uint16StaticValueType
REST HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> RestHttpUrlParameterType
REST HTTP Header Field <http_field> RestHttpFieldType
JSON Literal Value <simple> JSONSimpleValueType
String Value <string> JSONSimpleValueType
Numeric Value <number> JSONSimpleValueType
HTTP Header Field <http_field> RestHttpFieldType
REST Http Field Type <http_field> RestHttpFieldType
HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> SmartSoapHttpUrlParameterType
HTTP Field <http_field> SmartSoapHttpFieldType
XML Declaration <xml_declaration> SmartSoapDataType
Envelope XML Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Header Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Container Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Element <element> SmartSoapDataType
SOAP Http Container Type <container> SmartSoapContainerType
Message modification for XML Element. <element> SmartSoapDataType
SOAP Http Header Type <Header> SmartSoapHeaderType
XML Body Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Element <element> SmartSoapDataType
SOAP Http Body Type <Body> SmartSoapBodyType
HTTP Field <http_field> SmartSoapDataType
XML Message Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
Data <data> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
ABBA <abba> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Security Algorithms <security_algorithms> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Security Capabilities <security_capabilities> TransparentDataMsgFieldType
Payload Container <payload_container> TransparentDataMsgFieldType