Query Action OM  <om> 

Display operational measurements related to the containing element.




  display all counters, with ID and name





Reset All Counters <reset> 0 .. 1 omResetType
Include counter names in response <include_name> 0 .. 1 boolean
Include timestamp in response <include_time> 0 .. 1 boolean
OM Help <help> 0 .. 1 boolean
Last Interval <last> 0 .. 1 boolean
Include Only Non-Zero Error OM Counters <errors> 0 .. 1 boolean
Counter Value <count> 0 .. * omCountType
Minimum Threshold Value <min_threshold> 0 .. * omThresholdType
Maximum Threshold Value <max_threshold> 0 .. * omThresholdType
Include Only Non-Zero OM Counters <non_zero_only> 0 .. 1 boolean



Global Action <node_action> GlobalActionType
SPR Action <action> sprActionType
Smart Action Command <SmartAction> SmartActionType
NRF Action <action> nrfActionType
HLR Action <action> hlrActionType
SGSN Action <action> sgsnActionType
HSS Action <action> hssActionType
MME Action <action> mmeActionType
VLR/MSC Action <action> vlrActionType
BBERF Action <action> bberfActionType
PCEF Action <action> pcefActionType
TDF Action <action> tdfActionType
PCRF Action <action> pcrfActionType
OCS Action <action> ocsActionType
OFCS Action <action> ofcsActionType
CDF Action <action> cdfActionType
CTF Action <action> ctfActionType
GGSN Action <action> ggsnActionType
GMSC Action <action> gmscActionType
GMLC Action <action> gmlcActionType
gsmSCF Action <action> gsmSCFActionType
CSCF Action <action> cscfActionType
AAA Action <action> aaaActionType
AGW Action <action> agwActionType
EPDG Action <action> epdgActionType
IP Server Action <action> ipsActionType
AS Action <action> asActionType
GTP Node Action <action> gtpNodeActionType
SMLC Action <action> smlcActionType
E-NodeB Action <action> enbActionType
Radio Network Controller (RNC) Action <action> rncActionType
DHCP Relay Agent Action <action> dhcpRelayAgentActionType
SmartWeb Node Action <action> smartWebActionType
SGW Action <action> sgwActionType
PGW Action <action> pgwActionType
Ud/Sp/Next Generation Client Node Action <action> UdcClientActionType
IP Client Action <action> ipcActionType
MBMS GW Action <action> mbmsGwActionType
MTC IWF Action <action> mtcIwfActionType
SCS Action <action> scsActionType
SIP Server Action <action> sipServerActionType
SCEF Action <action> scefActionType
PFDF Action <action> pfdfActionType
ESME Action <action> esmeActionType
SMF Action <action> smfActionType
UPF Action <action> upfActionType
gNodeB Action <action> gnbActionType
AMF Action <action> amfActionType
N3IWF Action <action> n3iwfActionType
N3IWF Action <action> n3iwfServerActionType
AUSF Action <action> ausfActionType
PCF Action <action> pcfActionType
CHF Action <action> chfActionType
LMF Action <action> lmfActionType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Action <action> bmscActionType
SMSF Action <action> smsfActionType
NSSF Action <action> nssfActionType
UDR Action <action> udrActionType
CBCF Action <action> cbcfActionType
NEF Action <action> nefActionType
NWDAF Action <action> nwdafActionType
AF Action <action> afActionType
Binding Support Function Node Action <action> bsfActionType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Action <action> seppActionType






487424 Target Action Rate VALUE LOG Target rate of the action initiation
487425 Actions Initiated EVENT ACCUMULATOR Count of actual actions initiated
487426 Actions Initiations Delayed EVENT ACCUMULATOR Count of attempted initiations delayed by temporary failure
487427 Actions Initiation Failures ERROR ACCUMULATOR Count of attempted initiations which had a permanent failure
487428 Actions No Subscriber ERROR ACCUMULATOR Count of initiations skipped due to no available subscriber
487429 Actions No Event Handler ERROR ACCUMULATOR Count of initiations skipped due to no event handler
487430 Configured Target Action Rate VALUE LOG Configured Target rate of the action initiation