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--A software platform designed for the rapid deployment of protocols stacks

--Provides Performance and Functional testing for 3G/4G/5G Networks

--Designed to take advantage of the latest COTS processor and NFV technology

--Provides very high performance of 1.2 million TPS

--Capacity scaling to over 200+ million subscribers

-- dsClient Desktop configuration, control, and reporting

--Tests Subscriber Management, Policing and Charging, Diameter Routing, eMBMS, IoT/M2M/MTC

--Tests SMS, IMS, Wifi/WLAN Offload, 3G/LTE/5GC Packet Core

--Dictionary and AVP/IE analysis and validation.

Developing Solutions, Inc.
Unique 3G/LTE/5GC Core Network Testing Solutions


Performance and Functional Compliance Validation

Provides 5G NG Packet Core RESTful APIs and Interfaces

Verifies procedures across multiple interfaces

Combines interfaces to work together for coordinating a test solution
that wraps around a single node or simulates many server nodes

Provides Policy, Charging, Authentication, Subscriber Management

SmartEvents SmartMonitor

Available with
dsClient Desktop

dsAnalyzer™ Packet Core Network
Traffic Analysis and Test Case Generation

- Multiple Protocol Support

- Traffic correlation across supported applications

- Dictionary analysis and validation

- dsTest® Test Case Generation

- Operational measurement generation

- dsClient Desktop configuration, control, and reporting

Control and User Plane Separation

Cloud Ready

dsTest® leverages COTS multicore server resources to achieve the high performance required in the EPC and 5GC. dsTest® supports NFV, with OpenStack™ cloud, Amazon™ cloud, and other hypervisor implementations. Instances of dsTest® can be scaled up on multiple VMs as needed to solve network testing needs. Licensed testing capacity and resources can be divided and shared across multiple dsTest® instances. Read More 

3G/4G/5G Functional & Compliance Testing

dsTest® provides sophisticated tools for traffic simulation and verification of functional and compliance of EPC and 5GC interfaces, protocols and standards-based message flows: GTP, S1AP, MTC/CIoT, PFCP, eMBMS, SIGTRAN, MAP, SMPP, CAMEL,  SGsAP, RANAP, LCS-AP/LPP, Diameter, RADIUS, DHCP, DNS.
Read More

The Internet of Things

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications is a key segment in future cellular mobile packet data networks. Some outside forecasts show that the MTC analytics industry will grow robustly over the next several years. dsTest® supports the Control Plane and User Plane optimizations that have be specified for Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT), including those for the S1, S5/S8, and S11 interfaces. Read More

IMS VoLTE Testing

Developing Solutions’ IMS interface applications, including SIP, Rx, Cx/Dx, Sh/Dh, Ro/Gy, Rf/Gz, and EPC Core interface applications allow end-to-end VoLTE testing capabilities in 3G/4G/5G packet core networks. Developing Solutions’ VoLTE environment simulates the wide range of interfaces required to support VoLTE calls, including verification of routing of dynamic policy and charging transactions between many core EPC elements. Read More