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Reference Guides

To aid in your network testing, Developing Solutions publishes various informational materials:

  • Protocol dictionaries — prepared from standards specifications, each dictionary contains a hierarchical structure of protocol applications or procedures, definitions of the messages associated with those applications or procedures, and definitions of the components that comprise the message bodies. In addition to the specification definitions, each topic includes a list of higher-level “parents” and/or lower-level “children,” allowing you to easily navigate through the structures, or you can use the search feature to quickly find the definition of a message or a component by its ID or name. Protocol dictionaries may also be used by dsTest to validate message content during performance or conformance testing.
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  • Code definitions — matrices containing definitions of response, result, or cause codes for select protocols.
  • Specification matrices — Specification Map lists and links to the specifications associated with 3GPP applications and reference points, along with any base or transport protocols. 5G Service Map associates 5GC service-based interfaces with reference points and links to Stage 3 specifications.

As new reference materials are published they can be accessed using the References menu. They will also be included in the list of Reference Guides on the Support page and on the applicable network interface pages.