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PurgeMS-Arg  Message

Also this service is used between the SGSN and the HLR to cause the HLR to mark its data for an MS so that any request for routing information for a mobile terminated short message or a network requested PDP-context activation will be treated as if the MS is not reachable. It is invoked when the subscriber record for the MS is to be deleted in the SGSN, either by MMI interaction or automatically, e.g. because the MS has been inactive for several days. This service shall not be used if both the SGSN and HLR support the Super-Charger functionality. This operation package includes the operations required for purging between HLR and VLR or between HLR and SGSN. Supplier is HLR if Consumer is VLR. Supplier is HLR if Consumer is SGSN. purgeMS is a consumer invoke.
Reference: TS 29.002-f30



Application ID:

  Application: 3GPP Gr

Application Context:


Contained Information Elements



Value Source

imsi 1 .. 1 Gr: imsi
vlr-Number 0 .. 1 Gr: vlr_number
sgsn-Number 0 .. 1 Gr: sgsn_number
extensionContainer 0 .. 1
locationInformation 0 .. 1 Gr: location_data
locationInformationGPRS 0 .. 1
locationInformationEPS 0 .. 1