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3GPP STa/SWa  Application ( 16777250 )

The STa/SWa reference point is between the Trusted non-3GPP IP Access (AGW) and the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy. The STa interface transports access authentication, authorization, mobility parameters and charging-related information in a secure manner. The STa/SWa interface provides authentication based on reuse of the DER/DEA command set defined in Diameter Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).
Reference:  3GPP TS29.273   View



Re-Auth-Request-SWa 258
Re-Auth-Answer-SWa 258
Re-Auth-Request-STa 258
Re-Auth-Answer-STa 258
AA-Request-STa 265
AA-Answer-STa 265
Diameter-EAP-Request-SWa 268
Diameter-EAP-Answer-SWa 268
Diameter-EAP-Request-STa 268
Diameter-EAP-Answer-STa 268
Diameter-EAP-Request-SWd-STa 268
Diameter-EAP-Answer-SWd-STa 268
Abort-Session-Request-SWa 274
Abort-Session-Answer-SWa 274
Abort-Session-Request-STa 274
Abort-Session-Answer-STa 274
Session-Termination-Request-SWa 275
Session-Termination-Answer-SWa 275
Session-Termination-Request-STa 275
Session-Termination-Answer-STa 275