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  • A software platform designed for the rapid deployment of protocols stacks
  • Provides Performance and Functional testing
  • Designed to take advantage of the latest COTS processor and NFV technology
  • Provides very high performance and capacity, scaling to over 200+ million subscribers and/or 1.2 million transactions per second
  • GUI control & configuration
  • Tests Subscriber Management, Policing and Charging, Diameter Routing, eMBMS, IoT/M2M/MTC
  • Tests SMS, IMS, Wifi/WLAN Offload, 3G/4G/LTE Packet Core
  • Dictionary and AVP/IE analysis and validation.

3G/4G/LTE Reference Guide

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Performance Testing in a NFV and SDN World

dsTest can deliver more than 1,200,000 stateful TPS and scale to more than 200 million subscribers within 1 instance of its software on COTS hardware, and assists carriers and vendors in their drive toward network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networks (SDN).  Read More

Functional & Compliance Testing

dsTest provides sophisticated tools for traffic simulation and verification of functional and compliance of LTE and EPC interfaces, protocols and standards-based message flows: Diameter, GTP, S1AP, SIGTRAN, MAP,  CAMEL, RADIUS, SGsAP, RANAP,  LCS-AP/LPP, DHCP, eMBMS, M2M, DNS.          Read More

Is Your Network Signaling Storm Ready?

dsTest simplifies the 4G network performance testing necessary to insure that your 4G/LTE signaling network can support your capacity requirements, and is designed explicitly to facilitate cost-effective testing of high performance protocols and applications.  Read More

Big Data

An important key driver for increased revenue is in quickly generating new business models based upon collecting and analyzing Big DataDeveloping Solutions’ products enhance your ability to collect Big Data by supporting testing of the interface applications, CDR collection, Deep Packet Inspection and other technologies required to implement, scale and analyze Big Data.   Read More